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Are you blocking intimacy?

Is your relationship as strong as it can be? Do you want to improve communication? Do you want to argue less? Do you want to increase intimacy?

Often we are our own worst enemy in relationships. Because of fear, we hesitate to share our feelings and to ask for what we need. Sometimes we don't even know what we want and need. Life becomes busy and we fall into routines. Are you willing to take some time to listen to your feelings? Do you want to learn what you really want and need? If you answered yes, here are some suggestions to help you identify your feelings, wants and needs.

- Try meditation. Begin with a brief breathing exercise. As you become more comfortable, you can lengthen the time you meditate and try new methods of meditation. This practice will help you become more mindful, present and relaxed.

- Journal. Journaling doesn't have to be difficult or time consuming. You can write in bullets, pros and cons or full sentences. The important thing is to express what you are feeling.

- Enjoy nature. Take a walk, sit on the beach, or hike in the woods. Pay attention to what you see, hear, touch and smell. This will clear your mind and increase mindfulness.

- See a therapist. A therapist will ask questions and help you through the process. A therapist doesn't tell you what to do. The purpose is for you to learn what you want and determine a path to achieve your goal.

Once you know what you feel, as well as, what you want and need, then you can begin to communicate this with your partner.

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