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Self Care

What is self care? And why is it important?

Self care includes taking care of yourself emotionally, physically and spiritually. Without self care, it is easy to become tired, irritable and unhealthy. Eating well, restful sleep and exercise are important components of self care.

Consider your diet. Do you eat fruits and vegetables every day? Do you eat whole grains and lean proteins? The food that you eat fuels your body so make sure you are giving your body the energy you need.

How well do you sleep? Restful sleep is vital to good health. If you are waking several times a night or have difficulty going to sleep, think about your nightly routine. Try going to bed at the same time each night. Limit caffeine throughout the day. Make sure your bed and your bedroom are comfortable. If you continue to have difficulty sleeping, consult your primary care physician.

Many people make the excuse that "I'm too busy to exercise." Exercise doesn't have to be hours in the gym. Take a walk or spend 15 minutes stretching. Try a yoga class. Ask a friend to join you for exercise to make it more fun. You will find exercise actually improves your energy.

Meditation or attending church will contribute to your spiritual health. See post from December 21 for more information on Spirituality.

Is self care a priority for you? If not, how has the lack of self care affected you? Are you more withdrawn or feeling depressed? Are your relationships being affected? A few minor changes in your day can result in significant improvements.

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