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Are you grateful?

Life continues to get busier and busier. We hear people talking about being stressed and tired, not having work/life balance and having strained relationships.

When you are stressed and tired, it seems easier to notice the negative instead of the positive. How can we change this? By making a gratitude list.

Taking the time to be grateful can offer many benefits:

  • You may become more relaxed.

  • You may sleep better.

  • You may enjoy your family more.

  • You may find you are less depressed.

  • You may find more work/life balance.

  • You may feel better.

  • You may laugh more.

How do you get started? Set aside some time to write down everything for which you are grateful. Be specific. Add to the list each day. As you continue this practice, you will be amazed at all of the wonderful people and things in your life.

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