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Do you know your love language?

Have you ever thought about how you express love? And how you receive love? Is your love language the same as your significant other’s? In the book, The Five Love Languages, Gary Chapman describes five love languages. These languages are -

Receiving gifts - Do you like to be surprised by little gifts?

Quality Time - Do you prefer to receive someone’s undivided attention?

Words of Affirmation - Do you need to hear I Love You or You are Special?

Acts of Service - Do you need to see actions to feel loved?

Physical touch - Do you need to feel the touch of the person you love?

Take some time to think about what makes you feel loved. Do you receive this in your relationship? And what makes your partner feel loved? Do you speak his/her language? Take some time to share your love in your partner’s love language and see the reaction. This may also open an opportunity to share how you want to receive love. Would this improve your relationship? Isn’t it worth a try?

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